Custom, Affordable, Easy To Assemble With Only One Tool for Double Decker exhibits

Why choose Top deck Systems?

Alusett offers designers and exhibitors greater versatility at a lower cost.

Our multi-function components, wide array of color choices, ability to incorporate a variety of materials, and special construction capabilities allow you unlimited flexibility in design and construction—from a system look to a combination system and custom look, or a completely specialized design.

An exhibit can be re-configured with the same components for varying floor spaces and shows.

The value of Alusett systems is in their outstanding strength and durability, leading to longer life.


Multi-function components and lighter weight reduce costs for construction, packaging, shipping, drayage, and storage.

Installation and dismantling are fast and easy, too. Alusett’s modular systems are versatile enough to work in any environment, for small exhibitors, retailers, or large corporations, in portable or permanent settings.

And the lower costs allow exhibitors to expand their marketing efforts to more shows, reaching a greater number of customers using the Alusett Systems – Double Decker exhibits.


Here’s A Few More Reasons To Choose Top Deck Systems

Aluminium construction

  • Frames are extremely strong and durable
  • Frames are highly resistant to chemicals and atmospheric conditions
  • Aluminium construction is recyclable
  • Availability of original parts is guaranteed for 10 years
  • Matte finish resists dirt and scraches
  • Easy maintenance and repair
  • Galvanized steel is used at joint sites to maximize structure’s strength and long service life

Lightweight aluminium

  • Reduced costs for packaging, shipping, drayage, installation/dismantling and storage
  • No single part is heavier than 110 pounds (50 kg)
  • Easy assembly by carpenters
  • No need for forklifts, scaffolding or heavy equipment during assembly

Modular components

  • System is completely flexible and re-usable
  • You can reconfigure your design with the same components for a new shape or size
  • Carpet and wall panels can be changed for a new look
  • Neutral anodized matte finish fits many designs
  • Other anodized color selections are available
  • System can be custom painted for a new look
  • Grid system with sizes ranging from one to four meters
  • System can be expanded as your needs change over the years
  • Top deck is fully compatible with all other Alusett exhibit systems

Patent connector system

  • Easy, logical assembly
  • Only tools needed: socket wrenches, Allen wrenches and ladders
  • No need for high-priced labor

Precise German engineering for Double Decker exhibits

  • Top Deck is structurally sound, sturdy and extremely stable
  • At an average weight of 200 lbs. per person Top Deck would easily support many more persons than can actually be accommodated
  • Top Deck has heavier walls than other modular extruded systems for greater strength and fewer ceiling supports
  • Stress and loading specifications are pre-calculated


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